Our Alumni

| June 25, 2011

The Art and Art Education Program treasures its active association with its alumni, and seeks every opportunity to involve them in the current program in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most popular is the annual alumni reunion where graduates are invited back to an evening event in the Gallery. While many may see this as a social opportunity; a time to re-connect with classmates, faculty, and old friends; to catch up on news and the changes the years have brought. In fact, there is another outcome. It has become a time when alums, now veteran teachers offer advice, support, and a sympathetic shoulder to the neophyte. It is a time when successful strategies for surviving difficult times are aired, and successes are congratulated. It is a time for sharing information about job opportunities. Our alums tell us that it extends the nurturing experience of their days at TC. Another facet of our continued involvement with our alumni is evidenced in our practice of placing our current student-teachers whenever possible, with our graduates, who then act as their cooperating teachers. Having shared a similar experience, they speak the same art “language” and start their relationship on common ground. In this way, our student teachers have the opportunity to see in practice what they have studied, and to engage in dialogue with their mentor who once walked in their shoes. The artists’ receptions and the Gallery Talks Program related to our bi-monthly student gallery exhibitions provide an important opportunity for alumni to continue their connection with current students and our program.